Kate Milford on This One Summer


Kate Milford, children’s author of The Lefthanded Fate, Greenhouse Glass, and several other middle grade titles, on why This One Summer winning a Caldecott Honor really, truly matters.

A very impassioned read that articulates very well why books that might make adults uncomfortable can be exactly what a particular child needs.  Most importantly, we shouldn’t be afraid to make available books that “speak” to the unique struggles that middle school aged kids often experience.


2 thoughts on “Kate Milford on This One Summer

  1. Thanks for sharing Diane! Incredibly timely with the recent censorship case


  2. Your post and Kate Milford’s as well are so important to keep the conversation going about the meaning, impact, and importance of literature in children’s lives. The controversies can be tough to discuss, but we serve children of all ages by considering images, words, and topics from the real world (and from imagined worlds also).


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